‚ÄčOnce 90% protestant, Austria in our day has become increasingly non-Christian. In past decades, large percentages of the Catholic and Lutheran population have left their churches. Many have stayed away from any form of organized religion. In this spiritual vacuum, active, convinced Christians can share their knowledge of God from Scripture and experience.

By looking further into our ministries you will see how this is being lived out and how you might fit in to shaping the future of God's people in Austria.

...till the cities are alive with the sound of worship!

Heart Factory: Restoring Hope, Freedom, Respect

Vienna, Austria

How does God's love reach the victims of human trafficking? The Heart Factory was born during a prayer meeting...

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Quick Facts

  • Population: 8,219,743

  • ‚Äč1 in 200 professes a personal faith in Jesus Christ (.5%)

  • Official Language: German

  • Capital city: Vienna

  • Single-person households in Vienna: 46%

  • Austrians living in urban environments: 67.6%

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